Health Benefits

Recent medical research conducted on varied groups of individual Sahaja Yoga practitioners has revealed that the practice of Sahaja Yoga is accompanied by a decrease in tension, anxiety, depression, neuroticism and hypertension. Sahaja Yoga has achieved tremendous success in treatment of innumerable chronic and fatal deceases. Several research centers have been set up all over the world and highly qualified doctors run a Sahaja hospital in Vashi, Mumbai where no medicines are administered. Curing is done only by correcting imbalances of the energy centers and channels. Two of the doctors have also got their MD from Delhi University for advanced research in Sahaja Yoga.

Electrical Brain Activity
Electroencephalograph (EEG) reports indicate the following changes in the brain activity during Sahaja Yoga Meditation sessions:
1. At the initial stage, on commencing meditation, the alpha brain wave pattern increases which create a sense of relaxed awareness.
2. As the meditation progresses, the brain activity shifts to a long chain of low voltage Theta activity, signifying deep physiological relaxation as it is attained during deep sleep stages and during a very deep meditation state.
3. Further, the EEG pattern again changes. This time bursts of high frequency Beta peaks occur.

It appears from studies conducted that the human nervous system begins to function in an entirely different way after Sahaja Yoga practice. Some other dramatic changes clearly reported are:
1. Oxygen consumption decreases within five minutes after the start of meditation.
2. Heart rate and respiration rate also decreases.
3. Blood lactate concentration which is associated with high states of anxiety also reduces.
4. Adrenaline, which correlates with high Blood pressure drops.
5. The galvanic skin response (GSR) is a measure of the activity of the sweat glands.

All these medical studies that were conducted by doctors can be accessed at following links: or